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Celebration Firework Packages


Package 1 - Show Duration 5 Minutes.

This is a fantastic firework display for a small venue or a tight budget it consists of a mix of multicolour stars, crackling comets, silver strobes, and gold glitter. A finale of star mines finishes the show.


Package 2 - Show Duration 8 Minutes.

A show of amazing coordinated colours and effects, fanned comets and crossett palms with star shells bursting high in the sky. A colorful finale brings the show to a close.


Package 3 - Show Duration 10 Minutes.

This is our most popular display coordinating large display cakes with star shells filling the sky with stars, glitter, comets and colour. A finale of large comet mines and shells gives a very spectacular end to this show


Package 4 - Show duration 12 Minutes.

This is an outstanding show with large display candles and cakes filling the sky with colourful stars, comets and glitter. Star shells break high in the sky in rapid succession throughout the show, A breathtaking finale of large shells closes this display.


Celebration Fireworks - Example Prices



150mm Shell



Fan Cake